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The Platform

Constituent Representation

 I am running for County Commissioner because I am very concerned about  the lack of curiosity, initiative or representation from the current  office holder. When it was questions  about County sponsored fiber optics, he didn't have answers. When it was  about taxes,  the Waconia Patriot had to print a retraction (after the  election) because he misrepresented his record. When it was about Solar  Power Plants all over his District, first he said the County had no  power, when that was proved wrong, he said people did not show up. That  is not true, the Chambers were packed with people speaking out against  these eye-sores for a multitude of reasons. Many of us did the research  and made the arguments to show real impacts on people and their  property. Our County Commissioner never spoke in our favor, he never  represented his constituents. He represented the County, not us. We  deserve someone who will focus on the issues affecting this district  beyond staff "briefings" giving talking points in a work session prior  to the Board meeting. I can, will and do my own research. I am asking  for your support, so you will finally get some support from your  District 4 Commissioner. 

Term Limits

 Our County Commissioners gave themselves a $13.5K  raise in 2016 and a $3100.00 in 2017. FOR A PART TIME JOB!!! It is now  65K plus expenses & full benefits. It was $43K in 2012. Is THIS  justifiable?   Commissioners also recieve free Medical insurance . He  is also eligible for a pension. It is time for the voters to impose term limits. I will not opt in for any overly liberal  benefits or support any more salary increases 


Frequent attendees at Carver County Board  meetings can attest to some issues at hand having "been decided" before  citizen input has taken place. Listening sessions often only exist to say they  were held. 

 Revisit the Waconia Ballroom septic issue, our  Commissioner participated in an attempt to hide a failed system while  forcing residents to comply. Even signing on to a false letter to the  editor.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency confirmed it had never been in compliance within 5 minutes of inspection.

More recently, our Commissioner had maintained the County was powerless to  affect Solar Gardens being built in Carver County, although surrounding Counties had denied or placed moratoriums on "Solar Gardens".

After exhaustive citizen testimony consistently proving this contention false, the explanation for the proliferation of Solar power plants changed to a lack of people speaking out. I was at these meetings, the meeting room was packed for every hearing I attended, at least a half a dozen, including the morning meetings designed to discourage participation. 

Industrial Solar Power

 Solar Power Plants are popping up all over our  district, mostly on prime Ag. land and adjacent to homes of people who  chose to live in the Country,  enjoyment and values of these homes are  diminished. 

 I believe in efficient viable energy sources. If an  energy source cannot compete without subsidies, it fails my test.  According to the US Energy Information Admin., Solar is the most  expensive per KWH .

Unfortunately,  the County Board passed a ordanence in conflict with the Conditional use Policy, & the Comp Plan, a violation of State Statute.

That never would have gotten past me, I do my own research and this was easy to see for anyone not an advocate of Solar Power or just paying attention to the issue. I will not support any expansion of Solar and will work to remove any systems that violate their CUP's.

Budget & Taxes

 Carver County has increased levy's faster than  comparable County's over the last decade under the justification of  growth. Compare our growth and tax levy's with Anoka County.  Leadership  matters.   

The Carver County Government staff is adept at presenting data in different formats, some very easily understood with multiple graphs and pie charts. These are usually reserved for the “positive things” the county is doing for us. The nuts and bolts of finance aren’t so easily discerned from the choice of presentation. The presentation for Carver County average value on single family homes is  convoluted . It reminds me of when they explained the formula at a Pre-budget meeting and the criteria did not match reality. We were informed we could come down and go over our situation on a "more accurate" case by case basis, so much for the accuracy of the formula.

My Promise


As County Commissioner I will represent the people in this district to the County Government . Our current commissioner has been more concerned with governments funding instead of ours.  I will be accountable and I will do the independent research to insure a working knowledge of issues that affect the property of the families in this District, and that taxes, levy's & fees are necessary & reasonable. I will lead the demand that Board Meeting are held in the evenings so the citizens of Carver County can attend without undo hardship.  The County Board should be accessible to their constituents.


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